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iOS Versions

v1.2.6 (May 14th, 2015)

  • Added 0.25°x0.25° GFS GRIB download option


  • Fix for iOS8 bug where starting app in landscape mode renders part of the screen inactive


  • Fix sizing of popover in Map View
  • Fix for Refresh GRIB downloading incorrect GRIB on iOS8


  • Meteogram display improvements
  • Pointer coordinate optimisation required due to Mercator projection
  • Bug fixes and workarounds for iOS8


  • Increased pointer accuracy in iOS7 - issue was caused by the removal of the status bar
  • Fixed rotation of iOS 5 devices
  • Fixed crash on opening of external GRIB


  • Fixed crash on resuming after 4 hours


  • iOS7 version
  • 500mb height parameter added


  • Fix crashing issue with iOS7 which occurs when drawing pressure isobars


  • Support for BOLAM model (http://cirrus.meteo.noa.gr/forecast/bolam/index.htm) 


  • Basic offline maps
  • Pressure maps now label Highs (H) and Lows (L)
  • Update weather info whilst panning and zooming
  • Allow Dj/Di to be signed to support zyGrib GRIB files
  • Auto deletion of GRIB files now happens when app comes to the foreground
  • Stop measuring pins from being draggable
  • Fixed transparency slider problem on iPhone



  • Basic measuring tool (iPad only)
  • Larger pointer used on weather map screen
  • Isobar interval can be set to 5mb
  • Wind barb legend now correct for m/s units
  • Larger text in weather info display on iPad
  • Flags on wind barbs are now around the correct way for the southern hemisphere
  • Fix to move map scale higher on the screen on iPad
  • Fix loading of GRIBs with left hand border of 180 deg (instead of -180)



  • Fixed crash when there is only one period of precipitation in the GRIB
  • Drawing optimisations
  • BSH Current GRIBs removed from catalog due to problems with the BSH generating corrupt GRIB files


  • Graph of wave period (Antoine)
  • Support for additional languages-German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian
  • Legend/key for pressure now shows correctly for inches of mercury (inHg)
  • Faster drawing of weather layers
  • Graph labels always stay on screen
  • Fixed direction of current arrows in Meteogram
  • Fix problem with loading currents

Android Versions


  • New buttons to step thru the dates/times (for tablets or phones in landscape mode)
  • Wind barb legend now correct for m/s units
  • Larger pointer which is easier to see


  • Stop dateSeekBar causing index out of bounds error
  • Fix for GRIBs with only one date period in Meteogram
  • Lite version initial release


  • Extra help documentation
  • Fixed crash when resuming app having last been on the Meteogram or Data Table screens


  • Initial Release